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Saturday, May, 30th, 10:00 AM

White Bluff, TN

Terms: Payment in full day of sale. Cash, check, or major credit card. 2% convenience fee for all credit/debit card transactions. All items sell without reserve. 10% buyer’s premium applies to all onsite purchases and 13% to all offsite purchases.


  • HMC 216H Rosserhead Debarker, Slant Track, S/N 1383-87, 40 HP Motor W/ Mounted Hydraulic Pack W/ Operator’s Controls W/ Platform & Stairs, A/C, Mounted Motor Control Box, (5) Nema Size 0 Starters
  • 19’ x 10 1/2’ Wide (3) Strand Log Deck W/ H-78 Chain, Tulsa Winch Drive & Hydraulic Motor
  • Approx. 20’ HMC Barn Sweep Conveyor under Debarker W/ Incline Section
  • 16’ HMC Hourglass Rollcase W/ (5) 20” x 12” Rolls W/ (4) Arm Log Kicker
  • Tie Back Lots #100-103 W/ 10% Raise
  • 38’ Barn Sweep from Head Saw to Debarker
  • 30’ 9’ (3) Strand Log Deck to Carriage W/ H-78 Chain, Cleveland Drive W/ 5 HP Motor - W/ 4’9” Long (3) Section Nose Skid Section - w/ Crescent Style (3) Arm Stop and Loader
  • Corinth American 36” Bar Type Hydraulic Log Turner
  • Larico Laser Line Light at Head Saw, 110 v
  • Corley 40” Lineal Position Carriage, (3) HB with a Hammer Tong Dog, 16’ Long, Silvatech Setworks W/ Pantograph & Controls In-cab, 50’ of Track, Spring Loaded Carriage Bumpers
  • Motion Industries 25 HP Hydraulic Power Pack W/ GE Size 3 Starter W/ Time Delay Mounted W/ Square D 60 AMP Safety Switch
  • Mellott Husk Frame Assembly W/ 5 x 5’ Air Conditioned Sawyer’s Cab, Includes Off Bear Belt 5’ x 24” (No Drive), Does Not Include Controls in Cab, Saw on Mandrel or Motor or Pantograph, No Log Turner Valve
  • Simonds 125 HP 1775 RPM Electric Motor on Head Saw, Frame 444T
  • Tyrone Hydraulic Shotgun Carriage Drive Model SMA 250C, S/N 60526-2 W/ Lincoln 100 HP, 1770 RPM, 404T Frame, Includes Piston between Carriage Track & Auxiliary Hydraulic Reserve Tank, Includes Steel Frame Mount
  • Motor Control for 100 HP Motor W/ Enclosure, No Wire or Conduit In or Out
  • 40’Mellott Rollcase W/ (2) Stops, (19) 6” x 24” Rolls W/ 6’ Belt Section after Off Bear Model 66S, S/N 4315, Gear Motor Drive, Drives Entire Rollcase
  • (5) Arm Board Lift Slide, Air Cylinder Actuation, 11’ Wide Overall, 2’ Slide Arms W/ 1’ Slide Section Ea.
  • Crosby (2) Saw Edger, 36” Wide, S/N 35787 W/ 50 HP Motor & Operator Control Stand W/ Joystick & Setwork
  • Laser Line by Larico (On Edger), 110V
  • (27) Bundles of Breeze Lumber Approx. 66,000 Stacking Sticks
  • 1,000 Gallon Fuel Tank W/ Tuthill Fill Rite Division Series 700B Model 701 Fuel Pump
  • Conveyor Machinery Company 18’ (3) Strand Package Deck W/ Detachable Link Chain, (3) Chain Arm Lumber Breakdown Hoist W/ Stick Removal Belt & Conveyor, (4) Strand Transfer Chain to Trimmer
  • Westair Dehumidification Kiln 25 HP W/ (2) Controllers & Partlow MRC 7000 Chart Recorder
  • 15’ x 30’ Wide Infeed Belt
  • 1993 John Deere 544G TC Wheel Loader, S/N 544GB543344, Quick Coupling, Air Conditioning, 13,356 Hours, 20.5 - 25 Tires

  • Laser Line by Lacy-Harmer (On Edger), 110V
  • 27’ Barn Sweep Conveyor Under Edger Almost impossible to photograph
  • 5 x 7’ Mellott (2) Strand Jump Up Chain, Air Jump Up Cylinder W/ Roller Chain & Gear Motor Drive (independent Unit)
  • Crosby Top Arbor 36” Wide x 8” Gang Saw, S/N 83048, Position Infeed Table W/ Line Bar (No Motor)
  • Newman 200 HP Motor, 1775 RPM 445T Frame (On gang Sells Separately)
  • Patz 35’ x 42” W Barn Sweep Conveyor under Gang Saw, HP Unknown
  • 21’ x 8 1/2’ Wide Custom Landing Table W/ Steel Plate Decking Staggard to Catch Lumber & Cants, (2) Roll Catch Section Welded In-Place at Gang Outfeed W./ C55B Rooftop Chain No Drive joins Lot 145 with drive sprocket.
  • 70’ x 9’ Mellott (3) Strand Sorting Chain W/ Return Chain Channel & Detachable Link Chain W/ Wear Plates Under Chain, Philadelphia Reduction Drive W/ 5 HP Motor Includes Timber Slide on the exit
  • 50’ x 18” X 8” Deep Belt Conveyor W/ Dodge Shaft Mount Reduction W/ Motor
  • Precision “REAL” Chip Pack (Large Throat), All One Factory Frame, Bolted to Concrete, Model 58:15, S/N C-3720, (6) Knife, Includes 6 x 6’ Chip Sizing Screen, S/N S-2664 W/ Phelps Model E36KW Dual Chute Blow Out System, Includes 20 HP Motor 1765 RPM, Does Not Include Main Motor or Motor Controls, but does Include Push Button Controls as Marked on Pole
  • Weg 150HP 1780 RPM Motor 444/445T Frame
  • 25’ Mellott Box Type Vibrating Conveyor, 24” Wide, 8” Deep W/ 5 HP Motor, Footage Includes Transition Deck
  • Cutler Hammer size 3 starter control, Westinghouse size 5 motor control, TCC timer
  • Controller Box, (8) SCEO-3, (1) SC-E4, (1) SC-E25, (1) Siemen Allis ABBCT-AHE, Eaton PLC controllers, motor control & PLC control
  • Cutler Hammer 600 AMP 277/480V 3 Phase Main Breaker Box Entrance
  • 150 HP Starter for Chipper Motor
  • 200 HP Motor Control for Crosby Gang motor and motor
    control for feed motor
  • Misc motor controls, KVA transformer 110 box as marked 155 on wall.
  • Gardner Denver 50 HP Air Compressor W/ Mounted Nema Size 4 Cutler Hammer Starter, Hour Meter Not Shown, Model EBH0JB, S/N M78721, 280 V 120 PSI
  • Van Air Single Tower Air Dryer, (2) Inline Filters (Disconnect at Yellow Mark)
  • Manchester NBN 507178 240 Gallon Air Tank
  • Taiwan Metal Cutting Band Saw (Electric)
  • Circle Saw Hammering Stand with Tooling as Marked
  • English Sharpening System W/ Grinding Wheel W/ Air Swedge Mounted W/ Dust Removal
  • Jacksonville Blo-Hog Montgomery Size 13/40 AC18, S/N 158, Rotary Knife Hog W/ Screen
  • Phelps Dual Load Out System W/ diverter Gate that Works, Includes Oversize Chip Chute Mount

  • Graco Grease Pump
  • Rees Memphis Model 17 HD Blower W/ 20 HP Motor, Includes Stand, No Pipe Included
  • All Collector Pipe in Sawmill from Chipper, Edgers and Head Saw to Fan
  • (2) Bay Van Level Load System W/ Cyclone Collector, Includes In Take Pipe from Discharge on Collector Fan (Only)
  • Mereen Johnson 424DC, S/N MJ4441, Multi Gang Rip Saw, Includes Saws, Disconnect to Where Green Paint Stops, Mounted Motor Controls
  • 18” x 36” Infeed Table W/ 5” Rolls (14) W/ Fence & 1.5 HP Gear Motor
  • 6’ x 33” Gravity Feed Outfeed Section
  • Arbor & Arbor Stand Cart W/ Complete Saw Spacers, H Saw Section W/ Cart #2 W/ Misc. Spacers, Saws & Tooling (for MJ 424 Rip Saw)
  • GreCon 1004 Color Read Defecting and Sorting Saw W/ Grecon Control Cabinet - Complete System W/ Marking Table Grade Mark Reader, Defecting Saw and Sorter Conveyor W/ Air Kick Off, Machine # 0959980194202
  • Gardner Denver 20 HP Air Compressor, 80 Gallon Tank Mount Air compressor, NB 41401
  • Wadkin Bursgreen Vertical Resaw W/ Mounted Power Feed, Machine # PBR14086295
  • Technik Pop Up Chop Saw W/ Infeed & Outfeed Rolls W/ Stop Section (Manuel)
  • Weinig Unimat 17-A (5) Head Moulder, Machine # 763-65533, BSSTB W/ Dust Collector Trees, No Pipe to Second Bolt Section
  • Roundamat 931 Profile Grinder Model R93 Machine # 931/375, Includes (2) Boxes of New Grinding Wheels
  • McDonough Center Split Resaw, S/N 54-1858, 60 HP Motor, 7” Wide W/ Mounted Control W/ Center Split Fence, 12” High W/ Box of Spare Blades, 7 1/4” Face on Wheel 1” Thick Top Wheel 1 3/8” Thick Bottom Wheel
  • 10’ x 18” Gravity Rollcase
  • Newman Machine Co. #500 Planer Matcher #8908, (6) Knife Machine, 6” x 14” Capacity, 75 HP Motor, Includes Pipe as Marked, Dust Trees & Flanges to Disconnect as Marked
  • McDonough Saw Guide Dressing Machine BDM-173
  • Entire Bench of Tooling, Side Heads and Belts for Planer, (1) Set of Tongue & Groove Side Heads
  • Cullett Gin Co. 30” Blower W/ 20 HP Motor W/ Infeed Pipe to Dust Trees Inside & Discharge Pipe to Dust Pile
  • Rees Memphis Model 15-5D 36” Blower W/ 30 HP Motor W/ Infeed Pipe from Dust Trees W/ Discharge Pipe to Dust Pile
  • Phelps 24” Blower W/ 20 HP Motor W/ Intake Pipe from Resaw & Discharge Pipe to Dust Pile
  • Hitachi Miter Saw W/ HD 15” x 30” Wide Gravity Roll Stand
  • Timesaver 100 Sander Model 137 1HP-75, 40” W x 8” Wide, 20 HP Motor, S/N 24582H
  • Hanchett 408 LH, S/N 75, Band Saw Sharpener W/ Stands W/ Controls Lot 211: Set of Shears for Sawmill, (1) for Mandrel, (1) for Motor, 10C Groove 1800 RPM-600 M Approx.

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